Virtual Love Locks

Lock in the Love has gone virtual! We want everyone to have a chance to Lock in the Love so in 2016 our installations will be in Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth PLUS for the first time, we will have virtual locks!

Bring the Love

With the Lock in the Love installation coming to Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth for Valentine's Day in 2016, we want you to lock in the love for your loved one!

Not in SA, Vic or WA? Why not show your support by purchasing a love lock online today from our Online Shop.

Share the Love

Our social media channels are full of images of people Locking in the Love and we are always keen to hear from new friends.  If you have Locked in the Love and would like to share your story, send us an email and a picture and we'll add you to our gallery!

Love our Supporters

Lock in the Love would not be possible without your help and support! We want to say a huge thankyou for helping us make our dream a reality.

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